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Abbots Incorporation Services was founded in 1987. For over 30 years Abbots has been a leader in providing legal documentation. We specialise in the establishment of companies, superannuation funds, trusts and other business services.

We have a reputation for providing professional services in a friendly and personal manner. The team at Abbots prides itself on working collaboratively with our clients to build strong and sustainable relationships. We consider each client’s needs and provide a tailored comprehensive service to fellow practitioners around Australia. Our ability to provide this service is due to the fact we have in house Accountants and Solicitors whose sole role is to maintain and support the services we offer. Constant development has meant Abbots can provide a premium service whilst maintaining a cost-effective pricing. The service doesn’t end there, we provide extensive aftercare support for all our clients.

Since inception, Abbots has solely attracted business by word of mouth. By providing an incomparable degree of customer service our client based has exponentially increased. We still have clients that are ordering services from the very first day Abbots was founded. Our loyal client base is a testament to the quality of services we provide.

It is our guarantee that Abbots will deliver high standards of service, and we understand the importance of accessibility, responsiveness and transparency.
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Our History

Abbots – Your Incorporation Specialists

  • 5 May 1988

    Abbots was born

    The Kotsimbos family founded Abbots in 1988. Operating from their Northcote office they began incorporating companies for fellow practitioners.

  • 1995

    Move to the Richmond Office

    Seeing a huge increase in clientele and repeat customers, it was time for the Abbots team to move to a larger office in Richmond. With the help of in-house lawyers the team slowly grew their document suite.

  • 2001

    Introduction of Corporations Act

    Corporations Act (2001)(Cth) superseded the Corporations Act 1989(Cth) to become the legislation that governs companies today. Abbots team continued to grow and adjust to legislative changes.

  • 2010

    100,000 companies incorporated

    The Abbots team remained the leader in providing legal documentation to accountants, lawyers and financial planners. It was a momentous year, with the team finally reaching 100,000 companies incorporated.

  • 29 May 2024

    Present day

    The Abbots team has continued to grow and maintain their position as a leading legal document provider. We have incorporated over 150,000 companies, over 200,000 trusts, over 6500 professional clients and most importantly have over 30 years of experience in the field.