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Deed of Variation

Order a deed of variation for your trust deed from $220. The Deed of Variation may be used to vary the existing terms of a discretionary trust (sometimes called a family trust), a unit trust or a hybrid trust. Our deeds of variation have been carefully drafted by our in-house lawyers to ensure they are relevant and compliant with the legislation. The Deed of Variation is electronically delivered with all documents required to make your desired change to your trust deed.

What is a Trust Deed of Variation?

A deed of variation is a legal document that is used to change the details of an existing trust. In most circumstances, in order to properly execute a Deed of Variation, it is important that the Appointor (sometimes referred to as a Principal or Guardian) along with Trustee consents to the proposed change. Before drafting a deed of variation, you must ensure the terms of the deed allow the Trustee to make that particular change. Before making any change to a trust deed it’s very important to consider all tax and duty implications.

What terms can the Deed of Variation change?

If the deed permits the Trustee to vary the deed, it may be able to make the following changes:

  • Change Trust Name
  • Change of Appointor or Trustee
  • Amend the clauses of the deed
  • Exclude named or non-named beneficiaries
  • Insert clauses – this may be needed as the result of changes in legislation or at the request of a bank
  • Correct spelling errors
  • Some variations are more complicated and require advice from your accountant or a legal professional as the change may result in duty/tax implications. When significant changes are made to the trust’s basic details there may be implications which could result in a resettlement.

  • Deed of Variation
  • Manually reviewed for errors
  • Fast turnaround
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from $220

Documents included with the Deed of Variation Package

  • Deed of Variation
How much does it cost to have a deed of variation?
The deed of variation package is $220. Our highly experienced team will review the documents you have provided us ensuring your documents are completed correctly and free from errors. You will be provided with an electronic copy of your deed of variation.
How long does it take to prepare a deed of variation?
Once instructions have been received, generally your documents are produced within 1 business day - this gives us time to ensure all the information provided is accurate.
What do I do once the deed of variation is executed?
Once correctly executed, the deed of variation is a supplemental deed to your existing trust. It does not replace or create a new trust. If required, you may wish to update the relevant authorities or stakeholders of the changes that have been made to your trust. You must obtain independent legal advice prior to executing any Deed of Variation. In addition you must contact your relevant state revenue office in your jurisdiction to ascertain their current requirements for assessing the Deed of Variation.
Should I seek legal advice?
The summary displayed on this page is for information purposes only. Summary for deed of variation should be considered general in nature, and should not be a substitute for professional legal advice. You must always seek your own independent legal, financial and accounting advice about your unique situation.
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