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Company Registration

Get your company registered from $745! Company package includes all documentation required to have your company registered with ASIC within minutes. Our direct link with ASIC enables clients to register companies 24/7 with ease. The company registration package includes all formal documents to ensure your company is ready to go.

Reasons to setup a company

There could be many reasons why you want to incorporate a company in Australia. These could include:

  • Protection of Assets - A company can do anything a natural person can do, and has the same rights. The advantage is that the liability of the shareholder’s is limited to the amount they have invested as share capital. Companies are a separate legal entity from the directors that run it, unlike a sole trader or partnership – the shareholders may not be held personally liable for the debts of the company.
  • Legitimacy – Companies are governed by the Corporations Act, which means they are accountable to ASIC which gives investors, suppliers and customers a sense of confidence. Registering a company and running your business through it increases the credibility of your business, and your reputation.
  • Tax Benefits – Depending on your specific situation you may benefit from fixed tax rates by incorporating your business. In addition, there are also some tax deductions available for businesses that are run using a company.
  • Business and Expansion – Registering a company creates opportunities for external investors to raise capital. Companies are able to attract new investors to drive growth and expansion to maximise profit.
  • ACN Certificate
  • Compliant Constitution
  • Bank Kit
  • Certified 201 Form
  • Share Certificates
  • 24/7 Registration
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from $745 (includes ASIC fee)

Documents included with the Company Registration Package

  • ASIC Certificate of Registration
  • Company constitution
  • Bank Kit
  • Certified 201 Form
  • Minutes of meeting
  • Consent to act as Director
  • Consent to act as Secretary
  • Register of Officeholders
  • Register of Members
  • Share certificates
  • Complimentary template documents

Easy ordering Process

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How much does it cost to register a company?
The company registration package starts from $745. This fee includes a $597 ASIC fee, all company documents and complimentary templates ready to be downloaded in PDF format. We offer an optional printing service that will provide you with a tabbed leather feel burgundy folder that has all your documents printed and your constitutions professionally bound
How long does it take to register a company?
The company registration form generally takes 10 minutes to complete. Once submitted, your ASIC documents and ACN will be available for download only minutes after ASIC has confirmed registration. We will send you an email confirmation when everything is ready. If you require the company register, this will be carefully prepared and sent out within 1 business day and delivered using our secure couriers.
What information do you need to register a company?
Our complete company registration guide can be downloaded here.
What happens if the company registration is rejected by ASIC?
If your company has been rejected by ASIC you will be notified via the Abbots dashboard and by email with the required changes. If your company is rejected, you can amend your application pursuant to ASIC requirements and resubmit easily for free. If you are still having issues lodging your application, please contact us, as we are here to help
Should I seek legal advice?
The summary displayed on this page is for information purposes only. Summary for companies should be considered general in nature, and should not be a substitute for professional legal advice. You must always seek your own independent legal, financial and accounting advice about your unique situation
Quality Documents

We provide high quality documentation which is carefully drafted by our in-house lawyers. Other firms provide out of the box solutions for all clients, here at Abbots we provide tailored documents based your needs. We invest time in ensuring all documents are current and compliant.

Premium Service

We provide a premium service. We understand that each client has individual requirements and as such we tailor our service to ensure you are creating your documents in a timely and accurate manner. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied.

Instant Documentation

Our innovative platform allows for your documents to be created within minutes. Our easy online ordering system allows all your procedures to be stored indefinitely for you to download when you require.


For over three decades Abbots has remained the most competitive provider of legal documentation. We constantly review our costs and ensure that our clients are not paying more than they have too.


We provide integrations with our partners which makes ordering easier. Integration with BGL allows company file data to be exported into your software from the minute your company was incorporated.

Easy online ordering

We provide an easy ordering process that ensures our clients can efficiently place orders. Clients can also submit handwritten orders. All forms are easily accessible under our resources tab.