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Director Identification Number

With the introduction of Director Identification numbers from the 1st of November 2021 there has been some changes to the way directors report to Regulators. All directors will be required under the Corporations Act to apply for a Director's Identification Number.

What is a Director's ID?

A director's identification number also known as Director's ID is a unique 15 digit identification number that is required under the Corporations Act to validate the identity a of director with the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS). A Director's ID number belongs to that individual forever, even if you stop becoming a director, change companies, change your name or move overseas or interstate.

The Director’s ID number is intended to prevent the use of fraudulent or false director identities. It is important the identity of all directors are validated by the ABRS as this strengthens commercial relationships with employees, shareholders, consumers, creditors and regulators.

Who needs a Directors ID?

Any person appointed as a director, or as an alternate director, or any person acting in that capacity. Any person who intends to become a director or other eligible officer within the next 12 months should also apply for a Director’s ID to ensure existing or new companies can appoint that director quickly. You must apply if you are (or planning to become) a director of:

  • A company
  • A corporate Trustee (Including the Trustee of a SMSF or Family Trust
  • A charity or not-for-profit organisation
  • A foreign company registered with ASIC and carrying on business in Australia

When do I need to apply for a Directors ID?

When you must apply depends on when you became a director, or plan to become a director. Below are the key transitional dates required for existing and new directors.

Act Date person becomes a director Must Apply By
Corporations Act 2001 (Includes Proprietary Limited and Public Companies) On or before 31st of October 2021 30th of November 2022
Between 1st of November 2021 and 4th of April 2022 Within 28 days of appointment
From 5th of April 2022 Before appointment
Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) On or before 31st of October 2022 30th of November 2022
From the 1st of November 2022 Before appointment
  • Directors Identification
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Who can make the application?
The individual director must make the application directly with the Registrar using the platform they provide (ABRS and myGovID). The application must be made by the individual to whom the application relates; it cannot be made by another person on behalf of that individual. Abbots cannot apply on your behalf.
How long does it take to receive my Directors Identification Number ?
When applying on-line, then the application will be successful within minutes. Your Director’s ID will then appear on the screen. Please note that a Director’s ID will not be mailed to you. We suggest you “Print or Save a PDF” of your Director’s ID record. You may wish to provide a copy to the Company Secretary or another Director of any pre-existing companies that you are included in or alternatively provide a copy your ASIC Registered Agent.
Does the ABRS automatically include the Director’s ID in all the companies I am associated with?
Yes. Once you have been issued a Director’s ID, that information will be included in all the companies that you are a director of or are associated with.
What are the penalties for non-compliance?
There are consequences under the new legislation for not applying when directed to do so or failing to apply within the timeframe. Penalties include infringement notices that may lead to potential civil and or criminal charges.
Should I seek legal advice?
The summary displayed on this page is for information purposes only. Summary for Directors IDs should be considered general in nature, and should not be a substitute for professional legal advice. You must always seek your own independent legal, financial and accounting advice about your unique situation.
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