How do I open my company bank account?

Company Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open my company bank account?

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If you have recently incorporated aN Australian company you may elect to open a seperate bank account. You will need to provide the bank the following documents in order to identify the directors and shareholders. When you register your company with Abbots, you will receive all the documentation required to open a bank account (Bank Kit).


  1. Certificate of Incorporation - You will need to provide the bank with the ASIC Certificate you have been provided to verify the establishment of your company.
  2. Identification Documents - You will need identification documents for atleast one director and all beneficial owners. 
  3. Australian Business Number (ABN) - You may need to provide your unique number that identifies the company is a registered business in Australia. 
  4. Company Consitution - Depending on the banks requirements, you may need to provide an executed copy of the Company's consitution.

In addition to this, the bank may also require your Directors Identification Number (DIN) to be provided before your bank account is opened. 

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