How do I get the ASIC corporate key?

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How do I get the ASIC corporate key?

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The corporate key is an 8 digit number that ASIC uses to confirm that you have the authority to make changes to your company details.

It is issued on incorporation of the company, and is sent automatically to the company’s registered office.  It usually arrives in 2-3 working days via Australia Post. 

You will need to quote this number on any ASIC form that makes changes to your company details, and if you wish to set up on-line access to your company.  Your current corporate key is printed on the Annual Statement of your company details that ASIC sends with the invoice for the annual fee for the company.  Once received, the key should be stored safely to prevent unauthorised access. 

If the corporate key has become lost, or if you feel that you need a new one to protect your company details, then you can apply to ASIC to have a new corporate key issued.  A new corporate key can only be requested by :

1)            A company Director

2)            A company Secretary

3)            The company’s Registered Agent.

4)            A liquidator properly appointed to the company.

5)            An external administrator properly appointed to the company.

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